Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaudle?
Vaudle is the app world’s highest quality audio network. With no limit to creativity, users can post and interact with a variety of content using in-app uploading or recording. Check out our features on the Home page!
Can I upload pre-recorded audio?
Yasss! If you’ve already recorded audio, you can upload it directly to Vaudle from your phone. Anything stored within iCloud is accessible. You can upload up to 180 minutes!
Why do some recordings sound muffled?
In Vaudle’s latest version, we’ve increased the sound quality to 256kbps (kilobits per second), which is wildly better than our previous beta. Because we didn’t want to delete our beta users’ posts, you are probably listening to a recording from that old version.
Is Vaudle available for Android?
Right now, Vaudle is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. But we’re working on a version for Google Play and Android as I type this!
Can I connect Vaudle to my other social media accounts?
Abso-friggin-lutely! You can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account, as well as share any posts from Vaudle on multiple social networks.
Can Vaudle verify my account?
Go to your profile > Settings > More Settings > Verification
Can I earn money through Vaudle?
Yes! When posting on Vaudle, your content may inspire donations from other users. Also, in your settings (Profile > Settings)  you should see a tab that reads “To ask me”. Here you can make it free for other users to ask you questions, or charge a fee of your choosing. To redeem credit, visit 
What is Vaudle credit and how do I use it? 
When a user sends you a donation or pays a fee to ask you a question, the amount is automatically redeemable at Use Vaudle credit to send donations to others as well! To purchase credit and see a breakdown of your balance, go to your Profile > Settings > Purchased. 
Is Vaudle a platform for showcasing podcasts?
Not stricly, but Vaudle’s features and UI can greatly benefit a podcast in showcasing its content. Vaudle also allows listeners to immediately respond to content using their voice, which can bridge the gap of interaction that we’ve noticed on other podcast platforms.
Is Vaudle free to use?
You can bet your bottom dollar! (Yes, it is.)