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Independently Monetize 

With Vaudle’s donation system, fans can pay you an amount of their choosing based on their fondness of your work. Run your own fundraising campaigns + projects no matter where you are in your career!
Allow users to “Ask A Question” on your profile for free or for a small fee, depending on the level of information you provide.


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Industry Level Quality

Sound is very important to us. That’s why we never skimp on quality. Recorded posts play at 256kbps for every listener. 
Vaudle also supports in-app uploading! Upload any piece of audio under 180 minutes + its original sound quality stays intact. No upgrade necessary — it’s all free.


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Interact With Your Audience

Building a supportive + meaningful relationship with your listeners is what it’s all about, right? Collaborate with other creators and receive valuable feedback + donations directly from fans who care.
Users can visit your profile + reply to posts with audio of their own.




Transparent fees 

 For every dollar of each donation or question fee, we receive 10 cents. The App Store or Google Play collects 30 cents as a service fee, and you keep more than half of the amount.



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    "Vaudle is great because I'm able to share my own voice along with what I post - literally! It can give anyone's posts a personal touch and you're allowed to make it your own."
    Jazzi Manalo Sullivan
    Makeup Artist + Model
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    "Vaudle has served as the perfect platform to start and maintain a podcast with great feedback from its users. Quality and simplicity are definitely somethings that help a lot!"
    Jehu Walker Graham
    Business Owner + Fitness Coach
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    "I enjoy using Vaudle for so many reasons! First, you can easily record your own voice. Whether you're singing, simply telling a joke or passing an important idea or message. It's the easiest tool to press the button and record what you want! And everybody is just the nicest. I guess that last one is the most enjoyable and inviting reason why I use it."
    Marta Mielcarek
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    "It fascinates me that I get to connect through different parts of the world on everyday topics. I adore the fast and professional layout. This is probably one of those apps where it will stay in my phone for years!"
    Ranvier Villamil
    Photographer + Model