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Musicians • podcasters • comedians • poets • life coaches • educators • bloggers • gurus • creators everywhere

Vaudle allows you to explore + share all types of audio content, interact with talented creators and support them directly with donations — all within a sleek, easy-to-use mobile app!

The Economist "This is a huge shift. Simple though it may seem, voice has the power to transform computing, by providing a natural means of interaction."

MIT Sloan Management Review "With smaller screens, we may not yet be reading less, but we are emphatically listening more."

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Connect with the world EXPLORE

With the highest standard of sound quality in the industry, Vaudle can fully support rich audio content for those who love to listen.
The homepage features a variety of different styles of audio, from podcasts + music to motivational speaking + cosmetology advice.
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You're in control. CREATE

 Build your content however you want!
Though Vaudle is primarily an audio-based platform, we understand the importance of image + text as supportive elements in your creativity.
Along with the ability to record or upload audio through Vaudle, you have the option to include photos + text. 
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Enjoy your community. UNITE

Vaudle is a personalized network.
Any user can submit a question to your profile. When you answer, that person will receive a notification.
Follow friends, experts, people you admire + more to see their posts right away in your feed.
Hint: You can @Tag users in comments and posts!


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Support raw talent. DONATE

Think of Vaudle as a virtual busking community.
Busking is a centuries-old tradition where entertainers perform for tips in public areas.
Supporting independent creators in the form of small donations continues to help forge successful careers + lifestyles for countless people around the globe.


  • WechatIMG11
    A Pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Wisconsin who puts a little bit of soul into every song she sings.
    Hannah Mrozak
  • IMG_0926
    An Artist/Producer based out of Los Angeles. "Why get high when I've got music."
    Artist + Producer
  • WechatIMG12
    An online coach and CEO of SerenaFit, which features live and interactive workouts through her monthly fitness subscription.
    Serena Ann
    Digital Health Coach
  • WechatIMG13
    Singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who enjoys writing heartfelt music.
    Graham Barham
  • WechatIMG14
    While hard at work on an original EP, Lana brings energetic acoustics of your favorite songs to Vaudle.
    Lana Lubany